Saints Strong Fund Created to Help Students

The Coronavirus pandemic created many new and unanticipated needs for some SHU students on the Adrian campus, as well as for students at SHU's Battle Creek, Benton Harbor, Dearborn, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Monroe and Southfield locations and Online Program. In response, the University established the Saints Strong Fund to help meet student needs. The fund has raised over $36,000 and helped 150 students by providing $21,000 in immediate support enabling them to maintain success as they continue their studies at Siena Heights University. The Saints Strong Fund remains as a legacy to support the educational learning experience for students who face challenging times. The maximum distribution per student is $300 or less with rare exceptions.

The Saints Strong Fund has kept students from being evicted from their apartments, kept their lights on and other utilities functioning, and put food on the table when they otherwise didn’t have the means. Below are a some quotes from students regarding support from the Saints Strong Fund:

  • "Before receiving the Saints Strong Fund I was worried I would not have the money for my college required books for my summer semester. The amount of pressure the Saints Strong Fund took off my shoulders was pleasing to say the least. I admire my school for helping those in need during the COVID-19 crisis and am very grateful."
  • "I would like to take the time to thank you for your generosity! Due to the pandemic, paying for school did not go as planned and your aid has helped tremendously. I am sure other students are going through similar hardships and we truly appreciate it. Thanks again for the support and may God bless you."

  • "The Saints Strong Fund really helped me get through these tough times. The money I received assisted me in paying for bills, food, and toiletries that I would have otherwise struggled to get. I am so thankful to be part of such a compassionate community, I appreciate the Saints Strong Fund so much."

  • "The money I received from the Saints Strong Fund was my saving grace during the COVID-19 pandemic! I was laid off from my job and not eligible for unemployment benefits. I am beyond grateful for the funds because I was able to pay a portion of my rent and get groceries!"

To make a gift to the Saints Strong Fund: Send a check with “Saints Strong Fund” in the memo line or text "saintsstrong" to 76278.

To apply for the Saints Strong Fund, fill out the online application.

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