Endowed Scholarships

This video features Siena Heights University students Phoenix Duncan, Jessica Boraggina, Drew Milligan and Donovan Campbell.

Through generous gifts from family, friends and alumni of Siena Heights University, various scholarship programs have been established. Endowed scholarships provided by the University are renewable annually provided the recipient is continuously enrolled as a full-time student on the CAS (Adrian) campus. Students must also continue to meet scholarship criteria and maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average required for each particular scholarship.

To read a description of each scholarship, click on the name of the scholarship below. To learn more about Endowed Scholarship possibilities, contact the Siena Heights University Advancement Department at 1-800-693-0506 or advancement@sienaheights.edu.

  • Primary Listing
    • American Association of University Women-Adrian Branch
    • This Scholarship is intended to further the education of a female resident of Lenawee County. Preference is given to non-traditional transfer students from Jackson Community College who have completed two years of undergraduate work.

    • Barbara Oess Dumouchelle Scholarship
    • A 1951 graduate of Siena Heights University, Barbara was the first-ever recipient of the Alumni Association’s Outstanding Alumni  Award in 1977.   She went on to receive an honorary doctorate from Siena Heights, in recognition of her leadership in education, both as a Lansing area teacher and in 20 years on the Michigan State Board of Education.  This scholarship was created in 2003 to honor Barbara's memory.  Her four children, all of whom attended Gabriel Richard High School, in Riverview, Mich., wanted to offer GRHS graduates, or Lenawee County students, the opportunity to continue their education at Siena Heights.

      This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need with preference given to graduates of Gabriel Richard High School or students from Lenawee County.

    • Bud Leonard Scholarship
    • Ralph “Bud” Leonard ’74 was a legend in Lenawee Country, not only as a baseball umpire, but as a teacher and educator.  Bud’s wife, Hazel, helped create this scholarship in Bud’s memory in 2009. 

      The scholarship annually assists a high school baseball player who displays leadership on and off the field.  First preference is given to Lenawee County student-athletes.

    • Burton & Elizabeth Leathley Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created in memory of Burton and Elizabeth Leathley to help a nursing or science student who demonstrates financial need.

    • Charles H. and Glenna M. Tipton Endowed Scholarship
    • This scholarship, established in 2010, will be awarded annually to a student who is a graduate of any high school in Lenawee County, has resided in Lenawee County for the preceding four years, and demonstrates financial need and a desire to attend college.

    • Charles & Margaret Rueckert Scholarships
    • These scholarships were created over an extended period of time by Margaret “Betty” Rueckert, a 30-year Trustee of Siena Heights, and her husband, Charles.  Betty’s appreciation of the Adrian Dominican Sisters (who taught her daughters in Florida) drew her to Siena Heights. Charles, a WWII Navy veteran, was an aeronautical engineer and longtime member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Charles and Betty were married nearly 60 years.

      The Rueckerts established one scholarship in Margaret’s name in the 1980s, and a second in Charles’ name 20 years later.  Today, the combined scholarships commemorate the philanthropy of this generous couple and their daughters — Margaret, Anne and Mary.   

      The scholarship is awarded to full-time students who demonstrate financial need with preference given to graduates of Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago, Ill., or residents of Lenawee County.

    • Denise Keeley Memorial Scholarship
    • After her eighth and last child graduated from college, Denise M. Keeley returned to the classroom, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Siena Heights in 1988.  A sculptor whose stone carvings explored women’s issues, Denise co-founded the Lenawee Council for the Visual Arts.  She received the Alumni Association’s Recent Graduate Award in 2001.

      The scholarship was created in Denise’s memory by her family, to reward a deserving woman who, like her, was a non-traditional art student.

      The scholarship is awarded to women with preference given to non-traditional art students over the age of 23.  The student must demonstrate financial need and remain in good academic standing.

    • Doug and Mary Kapnick Scholarship
    • Doug Kapnick served as a Siena Heights Trustee for two decades including six years as Chairman of the Board.  In 2005, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the University.  A distinguished leader in the Adrian business community, Doug built Kapnick & Company to a prominent position in the insurance industry. Doug and Mary Kapnick are longtime supporters of Siena Heights University and of Lenawee County. 

      The scholarship will be awarded annually to four students who are graduates of Lenawee County high schools and who demonstrate financial need.  The scholarship is renewable for those students maintaining a 2.7 GPA.

    • Edward C. & Hazel L. Stephenson Scholarship
    • This endowed scholarship was established in 2003 by the Stephenson Foundation which began supporting Siena Heights in the 1970s with an annual scholarship.  The President of the Foundation, Ludger Beauvais, chose to contribute to Siena Heights because it was a small private university offering personalized education.  The endowed fund maintains the Foundation’s annual investment in student support.

      The scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need with preference given to students with physical disabilities.

    • Edward P. Fisher Memorial Scholarship
    • Edward Fisher graduated from Adrian High School in 1930 and attended the University of Toledo and the Central State School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin.  An Army veteran who served in WWII, he returned to Adrian and spent 23 years as President of the Bank of Lenawee.  He also was a dedicated volunteer and leader in civic life, sharing time and resources with many community organizations.  Edward served on the Siena Heights Board of Trustees and received an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Siena in 1977.  Edward's wife, Delia Fisher, created this scholarship in his memory to provide assistance for Lenawee students majoring in business.

      The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need, with preference given to Lenawee County residents majoring in business.

    • Elizabeth Schlaff Theisen Scholarship
    • Elizabeth Schlaff Theisen never attended college, but she worked very hard to ensure that her children did.  Her daughter, Dr. Cynthia Theisen, graduated from Siena Heights in 1960 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, went on to earn her Ph.D., and enjoyed a distinguished career in the chemical field. Cynthia received scholarship support at Siena Heights and wanted to offer that same help to others. She created the scholarship in her mother’s name to honor the encouragement and support she had provided.  Because of Cynthia’s love of art and her great admiration of Siena’s strong art program she decided to designate her scholarship to women majoring in art.

      The scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need, with preference given to women majoring in art.

    • Frances E. (Baker) Callahan Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created in memory of Fran Callahan ’44 on behalf of her family.

      Frances E. (Baker) Callahan was a 1944 graduate of Siena Heights. She went on to complete graduate work at Siena Heights and Boston University. Frances retired from Tecumseh Public Schools in 1984 after 40 years of teaching in the elementary grades. She inspired others with her creativity in the classroom, and coached many student teachers throughout her career. Frances was a lifelong resident of Lenawee County and a member of the National Education Association, the Michigan Education Association, the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel, and Lenawee County Retired School Personnel.

      This scholarship is intended to assist junior and senior students in the Teacher Education program.

    • Frank Rhyne Smith Family Scholarship
    • The Frank Rhyne Smith Family Scholarship was established in 1998 to provide assistance to students with financial need.

      This scholarship is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates financial need.

    • Hamilton Sisters Scholarship
    • This award was established by sisters Mary Jane Hamilton ’60, Anne Hamilton ’61, and Sheila Hamilton Ramus ’71.  The scholarship honors the memory of legendary Siena professor Sister Ann Joachim. 

      The scholarship will be awarded to a female student who demonstrates financial need with preference given to history majors.

    • Herbert & Elsa Ponting Foundation Scholarship
    • This scholarship fund was initiated in 1999 and originally provided financial support to graduates of Dominican High School in Detroit.  The scholarship was transferred to Siena Heights when Dominican High school closed and is now currently awarded to students who have financial need.  The Herbert & Elsa Ponting Foundation are responsible for contributing to many organizations serving students and young people in Michigan.

    • Ivan Ludington Scholarship
    • Ivan Ludington founded the Ludington News Company, a wholesale magazine and paperback distributor with headquarters in Michigan.  Ivan was a great philanthropist, giving to Michigan colleges and schools, opening children's libraries, establishing "adventure reading rooms" in Detroit area schools, and meeting children’s medical needs. 

      The Ludington family’s longtime generosity to Siena Heights has also included support for the Fieldhouse and the University library.

      The Ludington Scholarship, established in 1982, is given to students who demonstrate academic excellence in high school.

    • Jerry and Phyllis Johnson Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created in to help students in Lenawee County. The donors, Jerry and Phyllis Johnson, have been supportive of Lutheran churches in Adrian. Jerry Johnson founded the Land and Real Estate Center in Adrian, and served as President of the Adrian YMCA.

      The scholarship is given to a Lenawee County resident with preference given to Lutherans. 

    • John C. and Ethel B. Beres Memorial Scholarship
    • The late Ethel Beres established this scholarship with a gift in 1986 in memory of her husband, John, to reflect his love of education and learning.  John Beres was a student and a hard worker from the start. After delivering newspapers in grade school and working through high school to help his family, he graduated as valedictorian from Detroit’s St. Joseph’s Commercial College in 1929.  He went on to the University of Detroit College of Engineering, completing the five-year program a year early, and then enjoyed a 38-year career with Commonwealth and Southern (later known as Gilbert Commonwealth). Mr. Beres also taught courses in steam power at Michigan State University and at Cornell University in New York.

      John and Ethel had three daughters, Mary Beth, Kate and Elissa.  Dr. Mary Beth Beres, OP, graduated from Siena Heights in 1969. Following Ethel’s death in 2007, the three Beres daughters enhanced the scholarship fund with a gift in their mother’s memory and renamed the scholarship for both parents.

      The scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need.

    • Henry R. and Katherine R. Turrell Memorial Scholarship
    • Katherine Turrell was a long-time benefactor of Siena Heights.  Her interest in the arts prompted support of many projects including gifts of many books to the library.  In her will, Katherine made provisions to sustain her support for the University by establishing this memorial scholarship in her and her husband’s names. 

      Henry Turrell, a self-employed manufacturer's representative in electrical supplies, was active as a member of the Engineering Society of Detroit, the Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association, the Detroit Athletic Club, the Historical Society of Detroit, and the Founders Society of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

      The Scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need.

    • Kathleen Duggan Scholarship
    • This scholarship was established by 1970 graduate Kathleen Duggan in 2010.  Kathleen was an English major who minored in history and is grateful for the education she received through Siena Heights and the Adrian Dominican Sisters.  She created this fund to further assist others in obtaining an excellent education.

      This scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need.

    • Kelly Whitman Parkinson Memorial Scholarship
    • Kelly Whitman Parkinson graduated from Adrian High School in 1991. After attending Jackson Community College, she graduated from Siena Heights in 1995 with a degree in psychology.  A certified athletic trainer and avid athlete, Kelly was a standout on the Saints track team and also competed in basketball, cross country and soccer. Kelly died in a tragic car accident in February of 1999.  She was 25 and left behind a husband and a young son. 

      Marilyn Kremer, Kelly’s mother, chose to honor her daughter's memory by creating this scholarship to assist other student-athletes on the Siena Heights track team.

    • Lefebvre Family Endowed Scholarship
    • This scholarship was established by Sister Jeanne Lefebvre, OP ’66 and the Lefebvre family in 2004, and is intended to benefit a student majoring in history and maintaining a 3.0 grade point average.

      Sister Jeanne taught history at Siena Heights for over 20 years and continues her passion for history by working in the Siena Heights Archives department.

    • Linehan Nursing Scholarship
    • The Linehan Nursing Scholarship was established in 2008 by longtime Lenawee County resident Marie Linehan.  The scholarship will be awarded annually to a student with financial need who is studying nursing.  Preference will be given to students from Lenawee County.

    • M.J. Sage-Mudgett Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created in 1996 in honor of Robert Sage’s sister, Margaret (M.J.) Sage-Mudgett, and the family’s deep respect for education. 

      Margaret was the daughter of William and Effa Sage.  William, one of the founders of Tecumseh Products, was a leading businessman and philanthropist.  Margaret graduated from St. Joseph's Academy in Adrian in 1942.  She then completed two years at Siena Heights, finally earning her bachelor's degree in social work from Mercy College of Detroit (University of Detroit-Mercy).  Margaret was married to Ford Mudgett in 1947, and they remained in Lenawee County to raise a family of three sons and seven daughters. 

      Education is highly regarded by the entire family.  Margaret found her educational experiences at St. Joseph's Academy and Siena Heights instrumental in her life.  This scholarship was designed to help students from Lumen Christi High School in Jackson, Mich., achieve their goals in higher education by attending Siena Heights.   The scholarship is awarded annually to a student with financial need, with preference given to graduates of Lumen Christi High School in Jackson, Mich.

    • Marian & Raymond Artman Scholarship
    • Dr. Richard B. Artman, who served as 9th President of Siena Heights from 1994 to 2006, oversaw Siena’s name change from college to university.  He created this scholarship in honor of his parents, Marian and Raymond Artman. 

      This scholarship is awarded to student athletes with a 3.0 GPA or higher who are studying sport management.

    • Mary Nelis Miller Memorial Scholarship
    • Mary Nelis Miller graduated from Siena Heights University in 1945.  She felt very strongly about the value of a Catholic education, and as an alumna wanted to help motivated students with their tuition.  Following her death in 1999, her son created this scholarship in Mary’s memory.

      This scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need.

    • Newlin Family Scholarship
    • The Hon. Henry and Dr. Nancy Newlin created this scholarship in honor of Henry's parents who instilled in him the importance of hard work.  Henry and Nancy both graduated from the University of Michigan. Henry went on to be a lawyer and probate judge in Lenawee County; he also taught courses at Siena Heights University.  Nancy became a doctor in radiology at Herrick Medical Center in Tecumseh.  Both Henry and Nancy are supporters of education, athletics and the arts. 

      This scholarship is awarded to students who have financial need.

    • Patrick Irwin Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created by Betty Cummings ’82, ’09 in honor of Patrick Irwin ’86, who received the University’s Recent Graduate Award in 1997.  Patrick is committed to helping students from limited resources attend college.  He has been an active member of the Detroit community volunteering as a youth counselor, labor committee chairperson, school board member, as well as an athletic coach at Holy Redeemer High School.  Patrick is responsible for helping found the Cesar Chavez Academy which is housed in the same building where he attended grade school.

      This scholarship is awarded to students who are considered “at-risk”, with preference given to first generation college students.

    • The Rev. Msgr. Dell F. Stewart Scholarship
    • This scholarship was endowed by Scott ‘90 and Amy Dienes in memory of Monsignor Stewart, a dear friend and inspiration to Scott.  This is a need-based scholarship awarded annually to current Siena students who are sophomore standing or above, have minimally a 2.5 GPA, and who demonstrate leadership in Student Senate, athletics, campus ministries, residential life, music, arts or theater.

    • Ruth LaFontaine Scholarship
    • Ruth LaFontaine graduated from Siena Heights in 1972, and spent 25 years serving in the U.S. Army.  After her retirement, she became the Security Operations Manager for the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution and later the Director of Security for the Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

      She truly enjoyed her time as a student at Siena Heights University, later becoming a member of the Board of Trustees.

      The scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need with preference given to social work majors.

    • Sieg-Dunlap-Davis-Westerman Fund
    • This scholarship was created to honor Sister Cathleen Real, C.H.M., who served as Siena Heights College’s 6th President from 1984-1993.

      Originally from Wyoming, Ill., Sister Cathleen earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and chemistry from Marycrest College in Iowa, a master's degree in mathematics from St. Louis University, and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Iowa.  She served as an instructor and administrator at several institutions: Marycrest College, Schenectady County Community College, Barat College and the College of Saint Mary.   The Herrick Foundation was a significant contributor to this scholarship.

      The Real Scholarship provides full-time female students with half the cost of a full academic year of study including tuition and books, but not room, board or living expenses.  At least one recipient each year will be a nontraditional student. 

    • Sister Denise Mainville Scholarship
    • Mary Levack Quick ’64 created this scholarship in memory of Sister Denise Mainville, OP (1905-2000).  Sister Denise graduated from Siena Heights in 1937 and became a talented composer, pianist and organist who taught music and chaired the music department at Siena Heights from 1954-61 and 1970-71. Many of her compositions continue to be used during services at St. Dominic Chapel.  Mary majored in music at Siena, and Sister Denise was her teacher and mentor. 

      The scholarship is awarded to students with financial need with preference given to music majors. 

    • Sister Jean Cecile Hunt, OP Scholarship
    • This scholarship was endowed by the Cusick Family in honor of Sister Jean Cecile Hunt, OP ’39, past principal of St. Joseph Academy and Director of Advising at Siena. The Cusick Family first came to know Sr. Jean Cecile when Mary, Julia and Christine Cusick attended St. Joseph’s Academy in the 1960s. In the 1980s, Joseph and Katherine Cusick would follow and their lives were equally enriched by Jean’s direction and friendship while completing undergraduate and graduate studies at Siena.

      From principal to advisor, Sister Jean Cecile was an assertive, knowledgeable and insightful woman. In her own, unassuming way, Sister Jean provided guidance without wielding her power or dehumanizing a person. This guidance was not always by means of a directive, but often, by the way she listened, and the way she conversed and what she shared. Sister Jean indirectly shared with others what she had learned from her own life experiences. At an early age, Sister Jean understood life struggles and challenges. Perhaps these early experiences inspired her to be the perceptive and compassionate mentor she was to both students and non-students. Sister Jean was instrumental in guiding others to become stronger and more confident human beings.

      Qualified students will maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, read Sister Jean’s autobiography “Book of Life,” and demonstrate financial need.

    • Sister Jeannine Klemm, OP Memorial Scholarship
    • Sister Marcine ’55 and Sister Jean Agnes ’44 Klemm created this scholarship in 1992 in memory of their sister, Sister Jeannine ’44 Klemm (1917-91).   Sister Jeannine was a professor and chair of the art department at Siena from 1957-82.  She was a driving force behind the construction of the art building, and was later memorialized in the naming of Studio Angelico's Klemm Gallery.

      This scholarship is awarded to art students demonstrating financial need.

    • Sister Miriam Michael Stimson Memorial Scholarship
    • This scholarship established by Dr. Karen Erickson ’60 and Dr. Donita Sullivan ’52 is in memory of Sister Miriam Michael Stimson ’36.  Sister Miriam was an eminent research scientist and a legendary chemistry professor known as “M-squared.”  She later went on to be the director of graduate programs at Siena Heights.

      This fund is intended to assist students with financial need who demonstrate academic excellence and intend to pursue a graduate or professional degree.  Preference will be given to juniors or seniors who meet the suggested criteria with faculty nominations considered.

    • Sister Pat Hogan Memorial Scholarship
    • Friends and family contributed to this scholarship in memory of Sister Pat Hogan, OP and her brother, John.  John's wife, Mary Ann, created this scholarship in Sister Pat's name.  Sister Pat was a 1946 graduate of Siena Heights, majoring in history.  She taught philosophy and history at Siena Heights from 1966-73, and was the director of the philosophy program from 1979-91. Sister Pat was known for her sense of humor and concern for international students.

      This scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need with preference given to humanities majors.

    • Sister Therese Craig, OP Scholarship
    • Sister Therese Craig, OP (formerly Sister Rose Terrance) grew up in Detroit and attended Dominican High School.  She graduated from Siena Heights in 1948 with a bachelor's degree in philosophy, majoring in English and speech, with minors in Spanish and history.  She received her Master of Arts degree from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., in 1951.  Four years later she earned a Certificate of Theological Studies from Providence College, in Providence, R.I.  Sister Therese became an elementary teacher, and later taught theater and speech at Siena Heights, and established the Child Drama Program.  After leaving Siena in 1975, she taught at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, before returning to Adrian, where she became a Spiritual Director at the Dominican Life Center.

      Lee Benish, a 1972 graduate from Siena Heights and a former Trustee, established this scholarship in Sister Therese Craig's name to honor his teacher and mentor, and to perpetuate the lessons and values she embodied.

      This scholarship is awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior student who has demonstrated an interest in theater with preference given to those studying children’s drama.  Students must maintain a 2.8 or higher grade point average.

    • Steven Krakker Memorial Scholarship
    • Steven Matthew Krakker studied art for two years at Siena Heights until his untimely death at age 31.  His parents, Marjorie and Thomas, and Steven's brother, Thomas Jr., established this scholarship in 1991 in Steven’s memory.  They also contributed to the Art Department for a display case in Studio Angelico, and donated a potter's wheel and steel structure materials which had been belonged to Steven.

      This scholarship is awarded to art students demonstrating financial need.

    • The Henry J. and Agnes M. McCoy Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created by Joan ’76 and Sarah McCoy in memory of their parents, Henry and Agnes McCoy.  The McCoy sisters’ intent was to provide scholarship opportunities to women. 

      This scholarship is awarded to a female student with preference given to those from Henry and Agnes’ former parish, St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Walton, Ill., or from Joan and Sarah’s own parish, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Dixon, Ill.  

    • Thomas Flory Memorial Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created in 1984 by Lois (Flory) Haselwood in memory of her first husband, Thomas Flory, who for many years was a prominent insurance agent in Lenawee County.  Thomas and Lois were both supporters of Siena Heights University.

      This scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need with preference given to business majors or those intending to pursue careers in business-related fields.

    • Virginia Knuth Murray Scholarship
    • Dr. Eugene Flipse created this scholarship to honor his longtime companion, Virginia Knuth Murray. Virginia asked that the scholarship be awarded to students considering careers in nursing or the medical field.

    • West Cab Mack Scholarship
    • West Cab Mack grew up in the 1930s and had a frustrating and disappointing experience with school, which caused him to leave after the third grade.  West Mack was more interested in working than school and managed to work for many years without ever learning to read. 

      At age 79, West Mack discovered the joy of reading and continued to further his learning through the Adrian Rea Literacy Center at the Adrian Dominican Motherhouse.  The West Cab Mack scholarship is his way of helping students to succeed so that they may help to educate and make a difference in the lives of others.

      This scholarship is intended to benefit non-traditional students with preference given to elementary education majors.  Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

    • Jean O’Reilly Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created in 2011 in honor of 1947 graduate Jean Sheteron O’Reilly.  Jean credits her education and wonderful professors at Siena for preparing her for the medical actuarial position that she enjoyed after graduation and later for her role as secretary-treasurer of the family office supply business.

      This scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate financial need.  

    • Charles & Betty Palmer Scholarship
    • This fund was created by C. Patrick and Carliene Palmer in honor of Pat’s parents, Charles and Betty Palmer.  Pat and Carliene have both been longtime supporters of Siena.  Pat performed many roles during his tenure at Siena, including Dean of the Graduate College, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Professor.  Carliene was a longtime professor in the Business and Management Division while also serving as the division chair. 

    • Mr. & Mrs. Aldun (Ruby) Pifer Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Aldun (Ruby) Pifer and is awarded annually to a student demonstrating financial need.

    • McSorley Scholarship
    • This scholarship fund was created by John McSorley in honor of his sister Gertrude (Trudy) McSorley.  Trudy graduated from Siena Heights in 1970 and then continued as a long time director of child drama, professor of theater, and Dean of Students.  Trudy then served as Siena’s Director of Mission Education before her retirement.

    • Arthur and Cecilia Stuart Memorial Scholarship
    • Sister Mary Alan Stuart, OP created this endowed scholarship in memory of her parents, Arthur and Cecilia.  The scholarship will assist worthy, non-traditional, female students in their junior year, who are seeking a Bachelor of Science or Education degree. The scholarship was first awarded in March 1998. 

      Sister Mary Alan earned a B.S. in biology (1962) and Master of Science degree (1969) from Siena Heights, and a Ph.D. in nutrition from Purdue University.  She devoted much of her career to improving the nutrition and health of the rural poor in Appalachia, and remains supportive and actively involved with Siena Heights University.  She received the Alumni Association’s Sister Ann Joachim Award in 2007.

    • Sister Patricia Schnapp, RSM, Ph.D. Endowed Scholarship
    • This scholarship was created by Margaret Keller and the Keller Family to honor their sister and aunt, Sister Patricia Schnapp, RSM, Ph.D.  Sister Pat was the 2012 Honorary Alumni Award recipient; her citation reads “A 26 year member of the Siena Heights English faculty, Sister Pat’s record as a creative and inspiring teacher, accomplished poet and editor, mentor and fan of Siena students, dedicated prison volunteer, tireless supporter of the homeless and disenfranchised, lover of literature, and faith-filled friend to all at the University – qualifies her as a true Saint.”

      This scholarship will be awarded to students demonstrating financial need with special consideration given to students who are homeless or who have been directly affected by homelessness or incarceration.

    • Sister Mary Kevin McLaughlin, O.P. Scholarship
    • Sister Mary Kevin McLaughlin, O.P. served rural Michigan for years and also was the head of the music department at Aquinas College. Her family established this scholarship, to honor her contributions in music and to benefit future music students at Siena Heights University.
    • Sister Dolores Slosar Scholarship
    • Sister Dolores is a 1959 graduate. This scholarship in her honor is awarded to a student majoring in nursing.

    • Sister Cathleen Real Scholarship
    • Sister Cathleen Real, C.H.M. was the 6th President of Siena Heights University from 1984-93. Originally from Wyoming, Ill., she earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and chemistry from Marycrest College in Iowa, a Master's degree in mathematics from St. Louis University and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Iowa. She served as an instructor and administrator at several institutions: Marycrest College, Schenectady County Community College, Barat College and the College of Saint Mary.  The Herrick Foundation was a significant contributor to this scholarship.

    • Madeline Lefere Fleck Scholarship
    • Robert Fleck and his siblings established this scholarship in honor of their mother, Madeline Lefere Fleck, a 1945 graduate. Her children shared this story: During a basketball game in which Siena played Embry-Riddle during a winter Florida trip, their mother was the only person cheering for the Saints. The whole team came over to thank her after the game for her enthusiastic support.

    • Jane Dempsey Endowed Scholarship
    • Jane Dempsey is a 1958 graduate. This scholarship was made to thank donors for the support she received as a student and wanted to offer other students to have similar opportunities. Awards are given to students from Lenawee County who major in accounting. 
    • Dorothy Pennington Scholarship
    • Dorothy C. "Dottie" Pennington worked as a registered nurse at Emma L. Bixby Hospital. Dorothy’s passion for life and work as an RN were honored by Dr. Marinus and Mrs. Patricia Van Ooyen through the creation of this scholarship. Annually it is awarded to a student who is a Lenawee County resident who demonstrates financial need in the study of nursing. The Robert Price Foundation is a significant contributor to this scholarship as well as past support from the Adrian Kiwanis.

    • Carl & Mary Lou Griffin Endowed Scholarship
    • Carl, the late Siena Trustee Emeritus, and his wife, Mary Lou Griffin, fund this scholarship. With great fondness of the University, the Griffins saw a scholarship as a special way to positively influence lives of students with financial need.
    • Donita Sullivan Endowed Scholarship
    • Dr. Donita B. Sullivan M.D. was a 1952 graduate who was a professor at the University of Michigan Medical School's Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, Division of Pediatrics Rheumatology in Ann Arbor. She taught medicine and actively treated patients for more than 35 years at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital from 1959-96. She was a pioneer in the field of pediatrics-rheumatology, and forerunner for women in the practice of medicine. Her legacy carries on with her scholarship gift to students who are members of the Catholic Church in the junior class. They must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program at Siena Heights University with a grade point average of at least of at least 3.5 on a scale of 4.0 and demonstrate a commitment to achieve an advanced graduate degree.

    • Sister Peg Albert, OP, Ph.D Endowed Scholarship
    • In honor of her 10th year as President of Siena Heights University, the Sister Peg Albert, OP Scholarship was created. Sister Peg came to SHU in 2006 with the theme “Be Bold Think Higher.” She certainly has changed the face of Siena Heights University since her first day on campus. Her mantra is after St. Catherine of Siena, “if you are who God meant you to be, you will set the world on fire.” This scholarship in intended for Siena students who are living the mission and “setting the world on fire.”

    • Ron and Rita Albert Scholarship
    • Named for the parents of current Siena Heights University President Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD, the scholarship was established in 2015 after the death of her father. Sister Peg’s family is number one in her heart, and to honor her parents, this scholarship was established.

    • The Chris Howard Endowed Book Scholarship
    • Chris M. Howard was a lifelong Michigander. Chris graduated from Boyne City High School in 1985, before earning a bachelor’s degree from Adrian College and a master’s from Eastern Michigan University. He worked tirelessly and enthusiastically for the benefit of students, at Adrian College, at Mercy College in Toledo and, finally, for Siena Heights University as an assistant director of student success. A voracious reader, he filled his home in Adrian and his Deer Camp near Gaylord with books—Hemingway, Black Elk, Ken Follet. The Chris Howard endowed book scholarship will be his legacy by continuing to express his passion for knowledge and storytelling to future generations, by doing what Chris loved to do in life, put good books in good hands.