Ways to Give

Explore ways to give to Siena Heights University. For more information, or for assistance on these and other giving opportunities, please contact any member of the Siena Heights University Advancement Staff.

Cash Cash is a frequently used asset for all forms of charitable gifts and provides the most immediate deductions. Every dollar you give will be deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income, if you "itemize." 

SHU Student Athletes Real Estate The tax benefits available for gifts of highly appreciated real estate are virtually identical to those for gifts of securities that have gone up in value.

21 Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Investment Assets People often are surprised to learn that there are different tax results from giving different types of property.

Our Locations Collectibles Some of our friends find they have "hidden assets" that can help them in satisfying their philanthropic goals. Antiques, paintings and other "collectibles" – even patents and copyrights – can be valuable assets for giving. 

Our Locations Business Investments Many of our friends own stock in their own businesses that can be given at extremely low cost, providing personal deductions that are "paid for" by the company. 

Other Ways to Contribute Other Ways to Contribute

Estate Plans Gifts from Estate Plans

Gifts that Pay You Gifts that Pay You

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