Endowed Scholarships

This video features Siena Heights University students Phoenix Duncan, Jessica Boraggina, Drew Milligan and Donovan Campbell.

Through generous gifts from family, friends and alumni of Siena Heights University, various scholarship programs have been established. Endowed scholarships provided by the University are renewable annually provided the recipient is continuously enrolled as a full-time student on the CAS (Adrian) campus. Students must also continue to meet scholarship criteria and maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average required for each particular scholarship.

To read a description of each scholarship, click on the name of the scholarship below. To learn more about Endowed Scholarship possibilities, contact the Siena Heights University Advancement Department at 1-800-693-0506 or advancement@sienaheights.edu.

American Association of University Women-Adrian BranchBarbara Oess Dumouchelle ScholarshipBud Leonard ScholarshipBurton & Elizabeth Leathley ScholarshipCharles H. and Glenna M. Tipton Endowed ScholarshipCharles & Margaret Rueckert ScholarshipsDenise Keeley Memorial ScholarshipDoug and Mary Kapnick ScholarshipEdward C. & Hazel L. Stephenson ScholarshipEdward P. Fisher Memorial ScholarshipElizabeth Schlaff Theisen ScholarshipFrances E. (Baker) Callahan ScholarshipFrank Rhyne Smith Family Scholarship Hamilton Sisters ScholarshipHerbert & Elsa Ponting Foundation ScholarshipIvan Ludington ScholarshipJerry and Phyllis Johnson ScholarshipJohn C. and Ethel B. Beres Memorial ScholarshipHenry R. and Katherine R. Turrell Memorial ScholarshipKathleen Duggan ScholarshipKelly Whitman Parkinson Memorial ScholarshipLefebvre Family Endowed ScholarshipLinehan Nursing ScholarshipM.J. Sage-Mudgett ScholarshipMarian & Raymond Artman ScholarshipMary Nelis Miller Memorial ScholarshipNewlin Family ScholarshipPatrick Irwin ScholarshipThe Rev. Msgr. Dell F. Stewart ScholarshipRuth LaFontaine ScholarshipSieg-Dunlap-Davis-Westerman FundSister Denise Mainville ScholarshipSister Jean Cecile Hunt, OP ScholarshipSister Jeannine Klemm, OP Memorial ScholarshipSister Miriam Michael Stimson Memorial ScholarshipSister Pat Hogan Memorial ScholarshipSister Therese Craig, OP ScholarshipSteven Krakker Memorial ScholarshipThe Henry J. and Agnes M. McCoy ScholarshipThomas Flory Memorial ScholarshipVirginia Knuth Murray ScholarshipWest Cab Mack ScholarshipJean O’Reilly ScholarshipCharles & Betty Palmer ScholarshipMr. & Mrs. Aldun (Ruby) Pifer ScholarshipMcSorley ScholarshipArthur and Cecilia Stuart Memorial ScholarshipSister Patricia Schnapp, RSM, Ph.D. Endowed ScholarshipSister Mary Kevin McLaughlin, O.P. Scholarship Sister Dolores Slosar Scholarship Sister Cathleen Real ScholarshipMadeline Lefere Fleck ScholarshipJane Dempsey Endowed ScholarshipDorothy Pennington ScholarshipCarl & Mary Lou Griffin Endowed ScholarshipDonita Sullivan Endowed ScholarshipRon and Rita Albert ScholarshipSister Peg Albert, OP, Ph.D Endowed Scholarship