Endowed Scholarships

This video features Siena Heights University students Phoenix Duncan, Jessica Boraggina, Drew Milligan and Donovan Campbell.

Through generous gifts from family, friends and alumni of Siena Heights University, various scholarship programs have been established. Endowed scholarships provided by the University are renewable annually provided the recipient is continuously enrolled as a full-time student on the CAS (Adrian) campus. Students must also continue to meet scholarship criteria and maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average required for each particular scholarship.

To read a description of each scholarship, click on the name of the scholarship below. To learn more about Endowed Scholarship possibilities, contact the Siena Heights University Advancement Department at 1-800-693-0506 or advancement@sienaheights.edu.

Elizabeth Schlaff Theisen Scholarship

Elizabeth Schlaff Theisen never attended college, but she worked very hard to ensure that her children did.  Her daughter, Dr. Cynthia Theisen, graduated from Siena Heights in 1960 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, went on to earn her Ph.D., and enjoyed a distinguished career in the chemical field. Cynthia received scholarship support at Siena Heights and wanted to offer that same help to others. She created the scholarship in her mother’s name to honor the encouragement and support she had provided.  Because of Cynthia’s love of art and her great admiration of Siena’s strong art program she decided to designate her scholarship to women majoring in art.

The scholarship is awarded to students demonstrating financial need, with preference given to women majoring in art.