Endowed Scholarships

This video features Siena Heights University students Phoenix Duncan, Jessica Boraggina, Drew Milligan and Donovan Campbell.

Through generous gifts from family, friends and alumni of Siena Heights University, various scholarship programs have been established. Endowed scholarships provided by the University are renewable annually provided the recipient is continuously enrolled as a full-time student on the CAS (Adrian) campus. Students must also continue to meet scholarship criteria and maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average required for each particular scholarship.

To read a description of each scholarship, click on the name of the scholarship below. To learn more about Endowed Scholarship possibilities, contact the Siena Heights University Advancement Department at 1-800-693-0506 or advancement@sienaheights.edu.

The Henry J. and Agnes M. McCoy Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Joan ’76 and Sarah McCoy in memory of their parents, Henry and Agnes McCoy.  The McCoy sisters’ intent was to provide scholarship opportunities to women. 

This scholarship is awarded to a female student with preference given to those from Henry and Agnes’ former parish, St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Walton, Ill., or from Joan and Sarah’s own parish, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Dixon, Ill.